Our guarantee

We pride ourselves in being able to promise our clients the highest level of quality assurance. Our references from those in the industry, show that we have NEVER come short of that. 


Master certified with over 18 years experience. We can provide education and guidance on how to avoid chargebacks  if an audit occurs.  

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You can count on claims being  done right the first time! We provide constant monitoring of the schedules to avoid aged claims. We make sure you are getting every dollar you deserve. 

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We can promise around the clock availability to all service employees. Our goal is to be available for any questions or guidance needed. This is how we avoid issues with claim delay or rejection. 

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We are here for you

We guarantee our clients the most tailored warranty experience to meet each dealerships needs. 

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Hassle Free

We eliminate the need of having another in house employee to monitor. As well as employee benefit packages, liability, and training. Our cost ends up less!  We also offer temp services and training. 

Assurance Automotive Warranty

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